Shop security

Security of shops

Any retail object, be it a minimarket, a hypermarket or a luxury shopping center, deals with exchange and storage of cash and material assets, to say nothing about crowds of people. All this makes shopping centers attractive target for all sorts of attackers and contains threat of a potential violation of the law and the financial loss for the owner.

The Officers Brotherhood offers the reliable protection of your store or a shopping center from any possible risks and provides all possible kind of security measures:

  • Physical security (public order, safety of employees and customers, checkpoints, inspection of personal belonings of visitors and staff, assistance to the law enforcement agencies, security of warehouse, terrorist acts prevention)
  • Agents in the sales area (identify potential intruders, theft prevention, prevention of damage or usage of unpaid goods, damage to sales equipment)
  • parking staff
  • Technical security systems (video surveillance, fire alarms, metal detectors, burglar alarms, etc.)