Property protection and cargo security

Security of property and escort of cargoes

The most effective way to deal with such a difficult and important task as the protection of the property is a collaboration with a professional security company. After all, there is always someone who wants to take over other people's values. It often happens that criminals are highly organized and having certain criminal talents which are impossible to resist by oneself. Entrust us to take care of the safety of your property.

The Officers Brotherhood has many years of experience which allows us to provide highly efficient protection of any kind of property, be it the protection of a cottage, a house, an appartment, pieces of art or a car. We provide an individual approach that meets your requirements and the whole range of necessary and sufficient measures and means of protection, such as video surveillance, alarm systems, fire systems, sufficient staff of trained employees, checkpoint organisation and so on.

First of all the experts of the Officers Brotherhood will examine the specifics of the object and analyse all the potential threats and vulnerabilities. After that they will develop the optimal plan and the scheme of work to provide the highest level of security with the minimal financial costs.

However, the protection of property is not limited to stationary objects. One of the most important areas of this field of activity is the escort and protection of cargo and collection of cash. Securing cargo is extremely important not only for business but also for individuals. The farther the cargo is transported and the more valuable it is, the higher the risk of theft or loss.

The Officers Brotherhood is ready to take over all the issues assosiated with providing of reliable protection to your cargo including the collection of cash and securities. Our experience, the professionalism of our staff and the availability of all the necessary technical means of protection and communication will allow to resist malefactors intrusion as well as proactively beat off all desire to carry out any criminal acts. With the Officers Brotherhood you can be totally sure that your cargo will reach its destination safely and in time.