Bodyguard services are gaining more and more demand in the realities of modern life. This is not only the guaratee of peace of mind and confidence in complete safety, but often is a vital necessity. Professional bodyguards are hired to escort and protect VIPs and their families as well as to secure company managers and employees while transporting important documents and valuables. This service is on demand by individuals as well when there is a suspicion of a possible threat to their health, because any person in everyday life can get into trouble: attack of the robbers, hooligans, the conflicts on the roads and so on. Only the presence of professional bodyguard can reliably protect you from any illegal manifestations and negative consequences. Very often personal protection is not organized on a permanent basis but is needed for a short period of time: escort to the airport, an important meeting and negotiations, meeting the delegations and VIPs.

The Officers Brotherhood takes into account the individual requirements of its customers to the staff and the type of bodyguard and is ready to offer a variety of schemes suitable for you. Our bodyguards are the elite of the present staff of the Assosiation an are ready to carry out the task and commitments at the highest professional level. Besides the professionalism in the security activity and a rich experience in this field each member of our staff has sufficient skills and knowledge in the following areas: excellent physical training, martial arts, firearms, psychology, law and etiquette. All this together is important and necessary to analyse the situation and its possible effects and risks, to rapidly and most efficiently react to changing circumstances and to ensure the complete safety of our customer.

With our bodyguard services you can forget about any threats and be sure of your security both on vacation and at work.