Bank security

Security of banks

The protection of banks is one of the most required and at the same time challenging securtiy activities. The objects associated with the daily intake of visitors and storage of large amount of cash and valuables are always the subject to the highest risk of committing illegal acts and therefore require maximum attention to ensure their security. Neglect or economy in bank protection can cause significant losses as well as damage to health of customers and employees.

One should only trust the security of the bank to the professionals with the many-years experience. The employees of our company are that specialists. The Officers Brotherhood offers a comprehensive approach to the protection of banking facilities: an effective combination of necessary measures and technical means of protection include video surveillance, access control systems, alarm button and fire protection systems.

We provide constant monitoring of the situation, a rapid response to extraordinary incidents and threats, ensuring professionalism and business etiquette of our employees. One of the activities of the Officers Brotherhood is the provision of informational and economic security, that is very important in providing protection of the financial institutions, which includes the protection of commercial information, control of the electronic media, access to confidential databases and prevention of espionage. We also have wide experience in the collection of funds and securities, and the availability of all the necessary modern means of protection and communication allows us to transport cash collection at the highest level of security.