Information security

Informational security

Information is probably one of the most important resources in any business. That is why it requires special attention and carefull attitude to it's safety. Leakage of confidential data or documents containing trade secrets can lead to quite serious financial and image damage and even to a complete collapse of the company.

Today informational security threats can originate from gangs, fraud, blackmailers, unfair competition as well as from current and former company employees enticed by competitors. This sabotage activities may be unconscious as a result of negligience or improperly organized work and document flow.

To fully protect one's business from these threats and to avoid negative consequences one should apply to security experts of the Officers Brotherhood. Association specialists have real practical experience in this area and are willing to ensure effective protection of your company information. To ensure a professional result a comprehensive approach to informational security is needed, which may include following directions and stages:

  • identifying the main sources of threats and potential leaks
  • to analyse the identified risks and to determine their importance in terms of potential damage to the company
  • development and implementation of measures and software solutions to ensure informational security
  • examination of the building, vehicles, office equipment and software for the presence of devices for unauthorized access to information, malicious viruses and programs
  • installation and setup of security software
  • examination, education and consulting of the staff on informational security (including controll over personnel activity on the Internet and social networks as well as video surveillance)
  • investigation of the cases of leakage of the confidential information